What does AWS Lambda's Node.js v6.10.0 environment support?

Trying to figure out what JavaScript features are supported or not in different versions of Node is no fun. We run the same tests found in the Kangax test suite in each AWS Lambda runtime to produce these test results. No more guessing.

Tests are usually broken down by test suite, group, and then specific test. The quickest way to find a specific feature is to use your browser's "find" feature.

Click the expand icon to the left of a test's name to display additional information such as the code that was ran, whether the test is asynchronous, and what result was returned from the method call or error captured. A group of tests is considered failing if any of its subtests fail.

The source for this site is available on GitHub at CoffeeAndCode/whatdoeslambdasupport.com. If you find any errors, omissions, or otherwise have suggestions please file an issue on GitHub.

For an in depth look at what features are available across the major Node releases and browser support, check out node.green and the Kangax compatibility tables.

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